Adapt Your Dental Practice to the COVID-19 and Emerge As a Strong Leader in Your Community

Should you be investing in dental social media marketing now?

Dental practices all over the world are undoubtedly suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. While some practices can afford to wait till the pandemic is over, our experts at CVDM suggest dentists put a dental social media strategy in place to make the most of this time. The best way to attract new patients and generate some revenue is through digital and social media marketing. People all over the world are staying in right now and going online. If you do not invest in social media marketing now, you would be losing out on the vast potential of social media platforms to your competitors.

How can social media help you adapt to the new reality of life?

Just a few weeks ago, you might have been conducting your business in a whole different philosophy. However, those ways cannot be continued now due to the coronavirus outbreak. The one thing that has remained equally (if not more) effective and efficient is social media. Social media platforms have yet again proved that they possess incredible power in helping dentists save their practice. It not only ensures the safety of your staff and your patients but helps you stay connected with your existing patients as well as acquire new leads. Besides, social media lets you stay true to your voice in helping people get through this tough time. Hence, dental social media marketing must be a top priority for dentists amidst this crisis.

How can you build and maintain your relationships with your patients amid the pandemic?

Social media is the key to stay connected with your patients and build your relationship with them. You can do so via the most effective social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. This is the time when you need to accept the new way of life and go beyond your usual routine to engage your audience with matters that are of utmost importance to fight the COVID-19. By doing so, you come across as more empathetic, compassionate and reliable to your patients. You can post videos of yourself talking about important oral health tips, share blogs and pictures about the importance of social distancing and even go live to answer the queries that your audience may have.

How can dentists use social media to promote social distancing by socializing?

The need for complying with social distancing norms is more significant than ever before. However, it's not easy living in quarantine. Humans are social beings and they need human connection to keep going. This is where social media comes in handy. Dentists can use their social media channels to educate their audience about the importance of social distancing by virtually socialising with them. You don't have to worry about a large following or popularity. As long as you are discussing important issues and spreading the right information, people will ultimately start to acknowledge you and your practice. This, in turn, would increase web traffic and organic leads.

Can social media help you attract new patients?

Social media platforms are the most efficient in attracting and gaining new patients. Since people are practising social distancing and living in quarantine, the time they spend on the internet has gone up. People are using these platforms to stay connected with their friends and family and be updated with the latest information. Hence, posting consistently on your social media channels will automatically lead to a spike in the traffic. Thus, creating and posting engaging content will definitely help you attract attention to your practice and convert them into real patients.

How can you use social media to grow your practice during the COVID-19?

The way you respond to a global crisis and the part you play in fighting it and helping people get through it can solidify your image in the dental industry. You can use various social media platforms to inform your audience about important oral care tips and what they need to do to maintain their oral hygiene. You can also let your patients know all necessary information about your practice via your social media channels and assure them that you are taking every safety precaution possible to deal with dental emergencies.

How can you leave a long-lasting impression on your patients' minds?

Well, social media is the key to that as well. You can use your social media channels to encourage people to stay healthy and positive during these challenging times. You can inspire them by sharing influential pictures, videos, articles, etc. and make them feel good. You can share your contributions as well, such as donation of masks and medical supplies to a hospital or donation to a nonprofit organization. Besides, you can also conduct virtual consultations via teledentistry to ensure your patients that you are right beside them during this crisis. Your audience would undoubtedly remember these actions for a long time and choose you over your competitors as a token of gained trust.

Do you need help with your social media strategy during this unsettling time?

All businesses are facing a situation that has never occurred in history before. Hence, it's natural to get overwhelmed over what to do and how to survive your practice. Smart digital and social media marketing strategies are the only way you can still acquire new patients and leave a positive impression on their minds. At CVDM, our experienced professionals have taken all necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted services to our clients to help them maintain their practice. Please reach out to our team to get started with your own customized social media strategy today!