19 Brilliant Dental Marketing Ideas To Witness Your Dental Practice Skyrocket

Dentists are not usually someone's favorite people. Most people dread going to the dentist more than going to the hospital. As a result, people are frequently on the lookout for a new dentist whom they could trust with their teeth.

Then people hear all sorts of terrible stories from their friends and colleagues, in their search for a new dentist, about fake cavities being filled and exorbitant amounts of money being charged for the services. All of these make it extremely hard and overwhelming for them to find a reliable dentist.

On the other hand, due to the same reasons, dentists face a tough time in attracting quality leads and increasing their conversion rates. We have gathered below the most effective dental marketing ideas on how to tailor your marketing strategies to draw in more patients than ever.

1. Local Awareness Facebook Ads

While spreading the word about your dental practice is crucial for your business, it's even more important to be specific about your target audience. It isn't practical to show them ads for your practice miles beyond the area of your office. Most people prefer and choose a dental provider that is nearer to them to save time and transportation costs.

Local awareness ads help you reach your immediate local audience whose chances of conversion are significantly high. There's a new map card which you can now use to share relevant locational details about your business like your address, distance, timings, and link that gives directions to the user. You can make an instant call button to your CTA for quick and easy booking of appointments.

2. Click-to-Call Ads

Dental marketing strategies are primarily adopted to get prospective patients to book an appointment with your office, which is most commonly done over the phone. This is where click-to-call ads come in handy. You can find them through Facebook and Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords). They are compatible with all platforms such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. You may either add this strategy to your existing plans or create a brand new call-only campaign.

3. Mobile Call-Only Ads

In the modern world, smartphone penetration is increasing at bullet speed. Hence, it's no wonder that most searches related to dental care services are carried out on a smartphone. If you do not have a plan to capture this smartphone-dependent audience, you are missing out on a massive chunk of the market. Google Ads allows you to create mobile call-only campaigns to target this exclusive section of the market.

4. Targeting Specific Audiences Based On Demographics Via Facebook

Being one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion active users monthly, Facebook offers an excellent opportunity for demographic targeting. Besides the prominent categories, you may also target specific audiences differentiated by language, employment status, income, marital status, etc. A study has found that most dental decisions in a household are taken by women. Hence, you must leverage this information to target women who live within your town's vicinity and just bought clothes for their family members.

5. Remind Your Patients Of Their Appointments

Your ads have paid off, you have received appointment requests from many patients and have booked their appointments accordingly. But your job doesn't end here. You must remind your patients of their appointments (via email, phone call, text message, etc.) to ensure that they show up. You can use Google calendar alerts to send appointment confirmations and reminders via email. You can also remind your patients of their regular or annual check-ups.

6. Income-Based Targeting Via Google Ads

While we know that it's essential to go to the dentist at least twice a year for routine check-ups, not everyone strictly adheres to this policy. You can target people having different levels of income via Google ads. For instance, you can target people having a high level of income with cosmetic dentistry ads. In contrast, you can show the lower income group of people ads about basic dental health maintenance.

7. Remarketing Ads

If you want to earn easy money, remarketing is the way to do it. It basically involves reaching out to those patients who are not new to your website or dental practice (having visited them before) and showing them specific ads to recapture these patients. You can do so by collecting your patients' email addresses and leveraging these via Customer Match on Google Ads and Facebook. You would have to simply upload your past patients' email addresses to develop your audience for remarketing and create specific ads to persuade them to revisit your office. It could simply be reminders for regular check-ups as well.

8. Facebook's New Messenger Ad Feature

Recently, Facebook has come up with a new type of ad that enables people to communicate with businesses on its Messenger. Thus, you will be able to make sending a message to your CTA on your ads, which would direct potential patients to Messenger. This feature is on its way and you will be able to utilize it pretty soon.

9. Google Maps Ads

The advantage of posting ads on Google Maps is that it will direct prospective patients right to your dental practice. When people search for "dentists", the results appear on the map and on the search results list. You will also be able to incorporate directions and call CTAs in your campaigns for smartphone users.

10. Waze Ads

Waze also allows you to show your ads directly on the platform, like Google Maps. However, these ads would be a bit different from your regular ads since Waze is a community-based application. On Waze, potential patients will see a "digital billboard" on their app as well as in the search results. Using this billboard, they can find directions to your dental practice. They can even save your location for future use.

11. Keywords Tailored For Emergencies

Emergencies can come knocking at one's doors anytime and anywhere. When a person faces a dental emergency, he or she will most likely search for dental providers who can offer instant help. Now, if your practice does not provide a direct "call CTA", no one picks up when a patient calls to book appointments at odd hours (say middle of the night) or does not call back prospective clients as soon as possible, you are losing out on an enormous number of patients.

One way to cater to this section of the market is by investing in keywords such as "dental emergency" or "urgent dental services" to ensure potential patients that you can offer instant help whenever they need it. As you can guess, the return on investment for such keywords will be incredibly high. However, you have to ensure that your dental practice is capable of handling emergency cases and offer an easy and convenient way of contacting or booking an appointment.

12. ZocDoc

Millennials these days hate having to talk to dentists over the phone as much as they hate paying for WiFi services. ZocDoc is the ideal platform for them - it helps potential patients find dentists based on specialty, insurance, location, availability. This platform is available in most major cities - and now smaller ones too.

13. Yelp

A study conducted in 2014 revealed that people consider online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations. Hence, Yelp can play a significant role in the success of your dental practice. Your patients are anyway posting reviews about their experience with you online - and those reviews should be monitored for accuracy. Most millennials today visit Yelp to find a good dentist. So, you must make sure to present your practice before these potential patients.

14. Instagram

Instagram is another platform where millennials can be found spending a significant amount of their time during the day. You will also find numerous celebrities advertising teeth whitening products of a particular brand on their accounts and orthodontists showcasing admirable before-and-after photographs of their patients.

With over a billion active users, Instagram has become another ideal platform to spread awareness about your dental practice. Advertising your unique techniques and competency on Instagram to potential patients will make them see your practice as modern and updated. Post regularly to be on top of your prospective patients' feed.

15. Email Marketing

People in need of dental services would definitely not like to go through complicated procedures to book an appointment. This is where email marketing comes in. Invest in email marketing to enable potential patients to schedule an appointment seamlessly by sending an email. This ease and convenience will undoubtedly make you stand out among your competitors. Besides, you can also send reminders, bills, etc. via emails.

16. Bonuses For Referrals

Personal recommendations remain the primary decision-making facilitator when looking for dental care services. You can leverage this by offering referral bonuses to encourage your patients. You can come up with your own bonus schemes (for instance, 5% off a dental visit for every referral that books an appointment). To facilitate this, you can give out dental referral cards to your patients and also include them in every email, text, post, etc. that you send out.

17. Video Advertising

Video marketing offers immense opportunities for you to grow your practice and expand your patient base. If you are not investing in video advertising strategies, you are losing out on incredible opportunities. Videos featuring your staff can go a long way in developing personal connections with your prospective patients which can turn in trust, belief recommendations and more appointments.

18. Direct Mail

Contrary to popular belief, sending out postcard advertisements to prospective patients' houses is not an ancient technique that should be done away with. Sending direct mail still works wonders, especially for beginners. You can showcase your competitive price points or key differentiators via direct mail. Sending out postcards will definitely offer you a reasonable return on investment that's worth your time and money.

19. Local Events

Sponsoring local events, such as college basketball league or community marathons, can be extremely beneficial for your business. You can pay for making t-shirts with your business' logo, distribute free toothbrushes and mouthwashes among the audience and postcards carrying information about your dental practice. This will not only serve your advertising goals but also make you memorable in their minds, increasing your patient base.

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